University Selection

Which University is better in terms of ROI and interms of ranking?

University of Buffalo SUNY MIS vs UTD ITM/MSBA?

Suny Buffalo is definitely better-ranked at 79 whereas UTD is ranked 147. However, I wouldn’t advise you to select a college based on these rankings.

As for the course, I saw this answer on another question on the discussion forum that MIS from Suny Buffalo focuses both on management and technology. The course is only one year long but qualifies as a STEM course so you will be eligible for 3 years of OPT. The MIS program is recommended if you have prior work experience. Since the program focuses more on academics, your prior work experience will really help you. You will be able to get more value from it. The fee is $34,582. But there is high ROI in terms of on-campus jobs and job opportunities after graduating.

In regard to UTD ITM, the course fee is comparatively high - $ $46,542 – $48,362. The overall value of this school will depend on your finances even so college provides quality education for the price. There are on-campus jobs available so it might help financially. The college has a good reputation in Dallas and you will be placed within a reasonable time. Check out the stats for employment here → Career Outcomes - MS in Information Technology Management

That being said, courses offered by the college in ITM are vast but so is the batch strength. It might get difficult to get your desired course.

To answer your question, the ROI from both the colleges is at par. It depends more on your preference. Suny is definitely cheaper, so if finances are an issue, go with that.