University of Toronto

Should I attend the University of Toronto or Concordia University for computer science?
Please tell me the better option in terms of job prospects and net expenses?

US News ranks University of Toronto (UT) at third, and Concordia University at ninth on the list of Best Global Universities for Computer Science in Canada. The annual fee for the graduate program in Computer Science at UT for international students is $58,970. The same in case of Concordia University is between $41,920 and $58,309 for a 60-credit master’s program, but comes down to $31,141 - $43,423 for a 45-credit master’s program.
University of Toronto is ranked as the top university in Canada by employers in terms of Graduate Employability by Times Higher Education as well as Top Universities (QS Rankings). Some of the top hiring tech companies such as Prodigy Ventures, StackAdapt, Maropost, Unata and Influitive are based in Toronto, which acts as an advantage for UT graduates.

Are there any scholarships to attend the university? I want to pursue MS in CS. What is the tuition fee for the course?

The college does not provide any financial assistance to international students as it is a publicly-funded institution. However, there are some external scholarships that you can apply for. Canada Scholarships for Indian Students - I think this will be helpful. Furthermore, there are scholarships like KC Mahindra scholarship, JN Tata Endowment, Google Generation Scholarship, etc. Some of the links are also available on GyanDhan’s website.

Tuition fees - CA$ 58,970 for international students

Hii, can someone please tell me about Comparative literature of the university? Does the university offer to transfer MA students into Ph.D during the course?

The course is for students who want to pursue research across languages and national literature, and theoretical issues that are beyond the traditional scope of things. Admission is very selective so make sure your profile is outstanding to score a seat in the program. It is a course-based program with interdisciplinary and transnational character. This is to say that most of the time you will be working within departments of languages other than English. It is a 3-year course. It is not mentioned anywhere on the college website that you can transfer from a Master’s program to a Ph.D.

I don’t believe the university offers the option to enroll as a Ph.D. student from your MA for Comparative literature. But there are still a few courses for which this is possible especially in the science stream. Some of the courses that do offer this option are Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, Physiology, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.
I’d advise you to contact the department and confirm this once.

Is this option there in the department of Computer science? Transfering into a Phd from MSc?

I couldn’t find the option to transfer from MSc program to Phd. You can contact the department to confirm this once. There is an option to transfer the credits but the link isn’t working so I cannot answer with surety.

Should I go for MSc in Computer Science or MASc? I am a little confused. What is the program format of the both? Since I do want to get into research and you said transferring to Phd might not be possible.

Usually, a MASc degree leads to a PhD as it is more research-oriented and helps students build a more solid foundation. But in this university, an MSc degree is more research-oriented and will lead to a Phd. The university offers a Master of Science in Applied Computing. The program format is almost similar with the main difference being -

“MScAC students must complete an additional two half-courses in Communication for Computer Scientists and Entrepreneurship, and an eight-month internship. MSc students must carry out research culminating in a major research paper.”

You can still pursue a PhD after MScAC. It is not a terminal degree. It’s just that the degree prepares you more for the industry. You will get the opportunity to work on an original research in MSc. In MScAC, there is an applied research internship requirement. Basically, it offers you to work in a real-life setting, get the on-field experience, and write research level papers based on your internship. The university also doesn’t offer a PhD in Applied Computing but you can still go for one with the general admission process. The degree will fulfill minimum entry requirements for a PhD.

Is GRE a requirement for the program? Is there a minimum score or cut off?

Yes, GRE is a requirement. There isn’t any cut off or a minimum score that the university has mentioned. But obviously, a higher score will help your profile. So score a 320+ to increase your chances of admission.

I have a work experience of 3+ years in the field. Does the university count it while assessing the application? Will it increase my chances of admission? for computer science only.

Definitely your work experience will enhance your application and your chances of admission. However, it should be relevant to your field of study, that is computer science. You can add your work experience in your essay (SOP), resume/CV, or you can even provide a supplementary document of your work experience.
I should highlight that having work experience is not necessary for admission but will definitely help with your chances of admission.

Can applicants with a different background apply for the course? I have a background in ECE. I want to change disciples. So can I apply for the CS program?

Yes, you will be eligible to apply for the course. However, you will have to initially apply as a special student to a non-degree program. And you will be required to take graduate courses to qualify for the degree program. You will also have to provide a supplement document stating the courses you wish to take and why in your application. The credits of graduate courses are transferable to a degree program if you meet the criteria.