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Hi @Rishi_Jain Can you name some of the top companies that offered internships to your batch and full-time offers to your senior batches?

Got three options for MIM (Arizona, UIUC and Maryland)…Which one should I go for? Considering low cost and highest avg salary among three?

Hi @Shravan,

I believe you can always access the placements which have been offered to previous batches on the iSchool of UMD website for better insights and stats. I would say all seniors and current students have got internships in the large and medium scaled companies, to name a few as for example would be PwC, EY, Amtrack, Chimerical Corp, JPMC, Bozzuto, DrFirst, Blackrock as also some have their motivation and interests to go for start-ups which have been equally good and successful for people.

Just UMD, @Rishi_Jain

Hmmm, that’s nice. One followup question: Are companies afraid of Trump policies when giving full-time offers to Indian students? Or have Indian students been able to get offers as easily as before

@Rishi_Jain @jainesh.sinha
I am confused between MBA or MIM for my masters. I am in my last semester of (IT). My background. Is MIM better in terms of Return of Investment?

LinkedIn is great, and probably the most comprehensive. You should absolutely leverage it. To help, we will also host more of these AMA sessions to connect you with mentors.

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Hi @Rishi_Jain I am working as a developer since graduating 2 years ago from BE CS. I had good grades and I think I can get a good GRE score as well. Thing is - I don’t like coding that much. My goal is to move to a product management position. Will an MIM degree give me this opportunity? If so, is someone with a work-ex like my own a good fit for an MIM degree?
TIA for your response

I am planning for my masters in US… I have a query to make… Can Trump pass such legislation that can reduce the Visa quota for international students? Should I consider other options as well?


Okay so @UMD there are 2 courses:

  1. MIM - offered in College of Information Studies (iSchool)
  2. MSIS - offered in Robert H Smith School of Business

On this I would definitely recommend you to connect with one or more of people who are studying MSIS and get their viewpoints on how MSIS is going for them and what they have to say about MIM so you can have a fair opinion. I could connect you with someone, you can reachout to me on Linked in.

MIM and MSIS are relatively similar courses in nature, course learnings and career opportunities. However, there are some differences through their offerings in different schools and their durations. Sharing some highlights about both courses below:


offered in iSchool ~ offered in Business School
batch size would be decent but not huge ~ good batch size and multiple sections
more flexible in terms of core and electives ~ more structured and more fixed courses
1.5 to 2 years ~ strict 1.5 years
little less expensive ~ relatively more
slow paced with low exam pressure which allows you to study with own pace and sufficient time for activities like GA/TA and find internships ~ relatively high paced and exam intensive since coursework to be completed in 16 months however, equal opportunities for other things
you would have to make additional efforts to find jobs and internships ~ strong business school network which gives you platform to multiple opportunities from top companies

These are some general, personal perspetive and understanding viewpoints, I would strongly suggest to connect with more MIM and MSIS people before you make any decision.

Thanks for the reply Sir. I heard a lot from my friends that premium insti take extra work ex negatively…as one gets quite deviated from the academics…
So, in Maryland there is no such problem? I mean work ex…

Very informative. Why did you choose MIM over MIS. Which factors influenced your decision?

Hi @Ramesh,

Congratulations on the admits.

I received an admit from UIUC and Maryland, I am unsure about how it is for Arizona, please connect with someone from there to understand better.

For UIUC vs Maryland,

UIUC is definitely a great school with a big brand name, course reputation and educational giveaways. My choice for Maryland was for the main reason that the MIM relative course there was fairly new and only one batch had graduated while MIM was having a long trail of successful seniors I could connect with.

Although I have friends who are going to UIUC and they have been doing equally and pretty well aswell.

The University of Maryland, along with it’s equally competent and good course, enjoys it’s location being very close to Washington DC and Virginia whereas Chicago would be the nearest city from UIUC which is a travel in specific.

This is just FYI, about course progress I believe both universities have a good standing.

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Hi @Shravan,

I am not sure I understand your question clearly, please ask if there are any specifics related to the course of MIM here at UMD so I could answer at my best.

In terms of Job opportunities, as I stated above, senior batch as well as our batch have been able to secure internships and full-time offers, policies by the president would be global and in effect to everyone, so I would not have a good answer for you here.

Let me know if you have further questions.


Alright…Thanks for the info. One last question if you don’t mind… Between UIUC and Maryland…which one has better internship opportunities?

All : We had Rishi for an hour, which is not up. Thank you for all your engagement. Feel free to post followup questions, but do expect gradual, not immediate, responses from Rishi. You can also PM Rishi right here on the forum for any followup questions.

@Rishi_Jain Thank you for your time and all the wonderful responses over the last 1.5 hours.

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Hi @Navayana,

Please refer to one of my answers above in regard to information about MIM and MBA. In terms of ROI, I would suggest MIM is a good course for an early career start and UMD has some good opportunities which could be really helpful throughout your masters here at UMD.

There are extensive opportunities for Graduate Assistantships, Teaching Assistanships and Research Assistantships, which you can take up through your MIM program here which could support you through multiple aspects.

As also, MBA must have aspects which you could find out by connecting with some professionals pursuing the same.

Hope this was helpful to an extent.

Hi @Srirekha,

Definitely, I come from a computer science background too and I am doing this course of MIM where I have been learning subjects which may allow me to lookout for positions having management roles. Since you are interested in product management roles, I suggest you go through the wide range of subjects which are offered with the MIM and at iSchool and try to figure out if those courses and the content interest you.

As far as your switch of career from complete programming to management related work profile, MIM would be one of the best platforms you could choose from. Plus is, that you would always have options open for position involving Data Analysis or Business Analytics since you have a strong programming backing.

So in my view, MIM would be a good choice for you, just research jmore exhaustively, try to find people who have done something similar and have a connect with them for more confidence before moving forward. Networking would be a companion helping throughout here, so talking to people along with progressing with career would be a good bet.

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Hi @Ashutosh56,

I would definitely not be the right person to answer this questions, it would be beyond my scope of a certain answering, however, I could share my perspective over this.

If I were you, I would have been confused with the same question and things could turn around anytime now or later which we cannot have control on. However, it is a huge number that we talk about where the dependants are lot of universities and companies, so little unlikely for a large scale abruption, however, if you want to be on safer side, you could apply to universities in other countries as well and make your decision based on your level of confidence and scenario on that day.

Hope it helps.

@Avneesh ,

So I am not sure about how this would work for MIM as you mention about excess of work experience, it would be good to check-in with iSchool and understand from them your application eligibility and fiar chances towards an admit.

Hope this helps.