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This webinar session will be hosted by Bhaveek Desai. He completed his Masters in Computer Science from the University of Florida. He will volunteer an hour of his time to answer your queries. Before Florida, Bhaveek completed his BE in Information Technology from the University of Mumbai. Post-undergrad, he worked with companies such as Sadharmik Kendra and Infosys at different capacities. Currently, he is working as a Software Dev. Engineer II at Amazon Web Services, Great Boston Area.

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Hi …thanks for the session
I am writing my GRE exam in mid of October, so will I be able to apply for fall 2020 MS (CS)?
The deadlines are generally for December…

There are two MS in CS programs available at University of Florida Gainesville (UFL), one is in liberal arts college and another one in engineering college. Can you please explain the difference between the two?

Hi Bhavik…
Which materials did you use to prepare for GRE preparation?

Post your question in this thread

I am applying just after my graduation so I don’t have any work experience. Will there be any problem regarding the internships or finding jobs in the field of Comp. Science/ Data Science?

Which one is better for MS in CS Rochester or FLorida?
Any suggestion?

I have completed my underGrad in ECE. I want to do masters in Electrical Engineering / Electrical and computer ENGINEERING / COMPUTER ENGINEERING.
I m not sure in which of these programs, Embedded systems hardware comes and in which university this is available.
Can you shed some light on this?

Hi Bhaveek!

Here are a few questions that come to my mind on thinking about MS in UFL.

  1. What are the scopes of getting a scholarship for an MS in ECE? I even got mail from the admissions department encouraging me to apply with an assured " Academic Achievement Award of $4,500". Need your thoughts on this as well.

  2. Are there enough campus career fairs to try and get an internship or job opportunities on our own?

  3. How good is UFL overall going by ranking, job placements and student performance & retention?

Which has better job prospects MS in Computer Science or MS in DataScience and what should one go for : location of college or ranking of college?Also please share study material for TOEFEL.

I have applied in University of Florida for MS in ISOM (Information Systems and Operations). The university require an official transcript. They have also asked to write UFL ID on the transcript. Do u have any idea about how to get the UFL id?

Posting it on Attendee’s behalf
Does work experience will help in getting Universities even though the GRE is 3 to 4 marks less than average score for that University?

Posting it on Attendee’s behalf

What role does Quant Score play in Universities?

How is the Artificial Intelligence research at UFL?

and how is the computer science program at UFL as compared to that of northeastern university at boston if you can tell?

Thanks Bhaveek…

Did you consult any consultancy for SOP and LOR preparation or prepared on your own?

I got an admit for spring. Will I be at any disadvantage compared to those who joined in fall?

and how are the TA and RA opportunity at UFL?