University of Cincinnati Msba

How is u cinncinatti ms Bana course for someone with a civil engineering and no formal work experience in analytics…( but having knowledge of certifications in analytics )
Since it’s just a 9-12 months course, how difficult it is to get a job for someone without analytics background being in a tier 2 city like cinncinatti and also graduation from u cinncinatti which I don’t think has a reputation outside Ohio ?
Other options oklahoma state university (Msba) vs cinncinatti (msba) vs georgia state (analytics)???

MS in Business Analytics from University of Cincinnati is nationally recognized program and has placed students in many reputed companies. The program has got a good rating and comes in the top 27 MS Data Science Schools of 2019. The program has a very good reputation. As does the Oklahoma State University. Oklahoma State University’s course MS in Business Analytics is also a top-ranked course. However, the overall ranking of University of Cincinnati is not so great. It is ranked 139 in the 2020 edition of the Best colleges. But I should point out, it ranks better than Oklahoma State University (rank - 192) and Georgia State University (rank - 211).

The job prospects after MS in Business Analytics from University of Cincinnati are quite vast. The college holds weekly seminars, recruitment and interviews for the students. The alumni record of the college also suggests top companies hiring from the department such as Google, Disney, Proctor and Gamble, and Facebook.

As for your case, work experience always adds to the chances of employment but since you don’t have that, maintaining a good academic record will help you. Developing crucial skills and being top of the class will help as this is a growing industry and there are almost 3 million data job postings in the US.

On comparing the three universities you mentioned, according to the course ranking - University of Cincinnati tops the list, second is Oklahoma State university and obviously, third is Georgia State University.

I think I am an appropriate candidate to answer this question since I have a bachelor’s in Civil and a current student at UCinn with no formal analytics experience.

First of all, your bachelor’s degree doesn’t affect that much unless you have a mathematical degree. Analytics work experience and certifications are always a plus point but many of the current students of UCinn don’t have any relevant analytics experience.

For the job opportunities, you must know that there is no concept of in campus placement as we have in India but there are plenty of analytics jobs in the market. Although the location is a minus point for Cincinnati but that doesn’t affect that much while searching for jobs. During the job search, a referral from alumni or employees balances out the location and brand name point.

I don’t know much about Georgia State but Oklahoma State University is also a good option. However, people prefer UCinn more than Oklahoma because of the stronger alumni network and better brand name.

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