University confusion

which university is better either ub or nyu for masters in industrial engineering ? in terms of course structure and job oppurtuities

NYU offers online, on-campus, and blended learning along with an elective-heavy course. They offer many specialties and let you choose the subjects that would complement your career goals. These specialties include - construction management, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, manufacturing, management of technology, operations management, transportation management, and transportation planning and engineering. There are some required courses such as Quality control and Improvement, Facility Planning and Design, Factory Simulation, Product Science.
Coming to the University of Buffalo, the course is more research oriented and will allow you to specialize within Industrial and Systems engineering. There doesn’t seem to be any elective though the course includes Sustainable Manufacturing, Revenue Management, Transportation Analytics, Cognitive engineering, Game Theory, Network Optimization and many more. The course of UB seems way better than NYU. The department has seen many of its masters’ students get placed with Apple, Amazon, Ford, General Motors, Tesla, and American Airlines.
Even though you’d have the opportunity of staying in NYC and there won’t be any dearth of job opportunities, I’d still advise you to go with UB for multiple reasons. The course is better, better placements, there are more research opportunities, and definitely, the cost of living is considerably lower than New York. If you go by ranking then the department of UB is better ranked than NYU and also has better student reviews.

Job opportunities after graduation might be almost the same as NYC has its own merits. But in terms of coursework and course structure, UB is recommended.

Hello Manideep,

If you currently hold confirmed admits to the University at Buffalo and New York University for Fall 2020 and must leave for the US this year, attend the University at Buffalo.

However, if you have not commenced your overseas education journey yet, attend a tech school.

If you are a super achiever, you should attend Georgia Tech, Texas A&M, Virginia Tech, RPI, Carnegie Mellon, Michigan Ann Arbor or Purdue not necessarily in that order. Caltech is also a great choice if you have the budget.

If you are an achiever, apply to the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Illinois Institute of Technology, Stevens Institute of Technology or California Polytechnic State University.

It makes no sense to go to IIT Delhi and study English Literature. Please write to us for any help you may need.


University at Buffalo (UB) is better than New York University (NYU) for Masters in Industrial Engineering.

University of Buffalo’s ISE program is ranked 20th across public universities, according to the U.S. News & World Report graduate program rankings. It is ranked 20th out of all 100 ISE and related programs throughout the US. NYU is ranked lower than UB for Masters in Industrial Engineering.

Masters in Industrial Engineering at UB requires a minimum seven Industrial Engineering courses of choice, plus 3 additional courses which can be either IE or from other departments, with advisor approval, such as Mathematics or Management.

Another benefit of this program is the ability for a student to complete a degree in two semesters by taking 5 courses per semester. This minimizes time away from an existing job. Students graduating out of this course from UB are open to several positions such as quality engineer; supply and logistics coordinator; six sigma project leader; ergonomics consultant, etc.

Top companies have hired UB’s Industrial Engineering graduates. Some of these companies are Ford, GE Transportation, General Motors, Novo Nordisk, Apple, Amazon, American Airlines, Praxair, CSX Rail Lines, Tesla, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, etc.