University Confusion - admits Fall 2020

Hi guys, I have doubt regarding which college to choose from, I am mostly looking for job opportunities after graduation,so please do suggest me which of the universities is better to go with, If possible with a reason.

  1. Santa Clara University, MS CS, Silicon Valley

  2. San Jose State University, MS SE, Silicon Valley

  3. Stevens Institute of Technology, MS CS, New Jersey

Any suggestions are welcome.

I used GyanDhan’s university compare tool to compare the universities you mentioned. It doesn’t have San Jose State University in the mix, so I’ll mention the job opportunities of the same in the end.

To start with, the tool states that the employment probability of Stevens Institute is more than that of Santa Clara University. Stevens even ranks better in terms of expected salary.
Top recruiters for Stevens Institute of Technology are - Verizon, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Lockheed Martin. The same for Santa Clara are Google, Intel Corporation, Facebook. But this recruitment obviously depends on your individual performance during college and your preparation. In short, there are many job opportunities after graduation from both universities.

Coming to San Jose State University, despite the location advantage, the university ranks less than Stevens. This is to say students prefer Stevens above San Jose State University.

If you are only looking location-wise, then the best option would be to choose Santa Clara university as it is less expensive than Stevens - in terms of living expenses, tuition fees, and net fees, and since, you will be pursuing CS then the nearness to the Silicon Valley is a great plus. Also, job opportunities after CS are better than after SE.

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