Understanding/ Queries on Financial Aids

Financial Aid Questions/Understanding!! :sob:
(Please refer me to other places I should go to for this if this isn’t the right place! LOL)

I changed my app to Fall 2024 from Spring 2024.

I had completed my FASFA for Spring 2024.

I’m on myUNT to see the awards and see that I have an offer waiting to be accepted for the ‘Financial Aid Year of 2023-2024’ and the term ‘2024 Spring’.

I notice another Financial Aid Year of 2024-2025.


Why is there two different financial aid years for a Fall term? Is that due to the new FASFA?

Do I need to make a new FASFA application for the term ‘2024 Fall’ because I changed the term?

Or do I not have to? And if so, the offer I’ve received, do I need to change/update it for the new term?

Sorry for any confusion or lack of info, I’d appreciate any clarity on this since it’s my first time using FASFA to pay. If anymore information is needed for this, let me know! :slight_smile:

(I’ve also tried to go to the financial aid office on campus and the people I’ve gotten don’t seem that knowledgeable about this? Don’t know if I’m not explaining it well? They’ve told me to just Google it, haha…)

Highly appreciate any advice, thank you :pray:t3:

No, these are two separate academic years and will have two separate awards typically. that’s why you’ll see at least two different things to click on in MyUNT. You’ll need to review and accept or deny the awards for each academic year. hopefully, by reading the definitions and explanations at that link (and maybe a couple others you find yourself), it will help clarify further.

FASFA is awarded once a year and distributed once a semester. Academic years start at the fall semester. Ex. Academic year 23-24 is late August 2023 through July 2024. It includes the terms Fall 23, Winter (December-early January), Spring 24, and Summer 24. I don’t have experience getting Aid anytime beside Fall and Spring. Before you can start your Spring 24 classes, your balance at UNT needs to be paid, out of pocket or loans, or you will be dropped from your classes.