UCM or CSFU for comp Sci?

Between UCM and CSUF for computer science, which one’s better in terms of landing internships or jobs? I’m not too fussed about the social scene or where the uni’s located. I just want the best option for my major.

Honestly, every university has job opportunities; you just need to actively look for them. No one’s going to hand them over easily. However, since UCM is a smaller college, there’s a lot of opportunity with relatively less competition. Basically, you’ll reap what you sow. It’s as simple as that.

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I feel UCM’s CS program is rated higher and is actually better than CSUF’s. Plus, being a UC, it carries more prestige, which definitely stands out on resumes compared to a CSU.

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If you want the best opportunities undoubtedly CSUF would be the best choice for you

Securing a summer internship outside the university can really give your post-grad career a boost. Also, UCM offers loads of on-campus job opportunities because it’s a smaller uni compared to CSUF, making it easier for you to beef up your resume. Being a UC school, UCM enjoys a solid reputation among companies, especially for its Comp Science department, which is quite commendable. If you’re looking to attend a better school for your major, I’d strongly suggest going for UCM over CSFU, no second thoughts about it.

Hey there! I’ve got quite a few insights to share about your question. But before diving in, let me tell you, in the comp sci world, the college you’re from isn’t the biggest deal for landing jobs or internships; a lot of it really depends on your own efforts.

UCM’s comp sci department is getting a lot of focus and resources from the administration, which is great. It’s growing super fast.
Landing research opportunities at UCM is surprisingly easy compared to other places. It’s not as tough to get involved in research projects.
Being a part of UCM, which is a UC, comes with its perks over CSUs. For instance, you can attend classes at other UCs for free, not to mention access to their libraries and such.
However, the job fairs at UCM for comp sci students are not up to the mark as of now. They’re pretty lacking, but hopefully, they’ll improve soon.
From my personal experience, I managed to secure internships at some of the top tech firms in my first and second year (I’m in my third year now). So, having UCM on your CV isn’t going to hold you back. But remember, you’ve got to put in the work yourself.

Hope this sheds some light! If you’ve got more queries, don’t hesitate to drop a message or dm me!

Alright, thanks a lot! By the way, do you have any idea about how tough it might be to transfer from UCM to another UC, in case I decide to do that later?

It’s pretty much a hit or miss, quite like college applications, you know? Absolutely doable – I’ve buddies who managed to switch to CS in UCM, Irvine, and Davis. And yes, I also know people who made it to SD. So, it’s definitely on the cards but yeah, it feels like going through the whole college application drill once more.