Trying to choose between Binghamton and New, Paltz, and Buffalo

trying to choose between Binghamton and New, Paltz, and Buffalo. Planning on getting a major in some areas are related to English, education, political science, psychology —> concentration in child psychology and social work stuff

does being in a lecture hall setting make it hard to form relationships with teachers and learn better?

also, does the cold weather and campus feel depressing. I would consider myself more of an artsy student so I don’t know if I would fit in with UBs vibe. Although I do want a school with some sort of school spirit and sports scene. Because I am applying to only SUNY schools I am limited.

UB will provide you with many sports clubs and events. Even many clubs have field trips like photography club, etc. This might benefit you and give you a feeling of being involved.
But yes the weather is a bit dull here during winters. The sun will set very early and it will be complete darkhness just at 5 pm. Also you wont be able to go around due to snow.
You should consider both these points while deciding the college.