Transferring from UTD to UNT

Hello, looking for opinions/ suggestions from those who have transferred from UTD to UNT for Psychology major before I accept the academic offer. I am on probationary status at UTD with about 8-10 classes left. They have intro to neuroscience being a core requirement and the most difficult course of the degree plan from what I’ve been told from the advisors. UTD also requires an internship to graduate which not sure how that would pan out as I have a full time job. I’ve also been told the internships at UTD are competitive.

With that being said, does probation go away at a different university?

Do any of 3rd year courses transfer over at all?

What challenges were faced from the transition? TIA for all the feedback :slight_smile:

I transferred from A&M for Computer Science after getting dismissed from my (different) major there. I had below a 2.0 for 2 consecutive semesters and I also had 10 classes left.

I wasn’t told anything about probation when I got here. I believe it basically reset.

I don’t know if it’s different for psychology, but I completed a CS minor at A&M and all of those transferred including junior and senior level classes. I think the grades just need to be a C or better. also I think there’s some rule like at least 30 hours have to be taken at UNT regardless of how much you transfer in.

I commute 45 mins each way and don’t really have any interest in taking part in any extracurricular/on campus stuff. that part sucks but I’m just tryna finish and move on.