TLDR: If you’re not into my whole backstory, just jump to the bold question below

So here I am, a high school senior stuck between picking engineering or computer science (CS). Initially, I thought CS was the way to go for a variety of interesting challenges. I’m all for jobs that keep my brain buzzing and offer fresh puzzles to solve. My counselor and cousins suggested CS as the path to such excitement. But diving deeper into my research, all I keep coming across are terms like “web database system design analyst SQL formatting” – and frankly, it’s starting to sound dull.

I find stuff like Leet code and math problems super engaging, but the mundane description of CRUD web design work I’m hearing about sounds like a drag – just a cycle of copy-paste tasks. I always imagined engineering would be repetitive, but even that seems to have its moments of cool projects. However, I wonder, how different can engineering tasks really be, especially when you specialize in a certain area? It seems like you’d quickly run out of new challenges since you’re often just tweaking existing solutions. Maybe I’ve got the wrong idea, which is why I’m turning to you guys.

For me, “interesting” means tackling new, brain-teasing challenges. Given that, should I aim for an engineering degree or a CS degree if I want a job that keeps me intrigued? I get that both fields offer a wide range of jobs, some more fascinating than others, but which degree is more likely to lead to genuinely engaging work?

Start going to college and start doing stuff. You’ll figure it out eventually.:raised_hands::v:

Switching majors to CS isn’t an option at most of the places I’ve applied to. Plus, what we study in college often doesn’t match up with the actual work we do in jobs.

Your view that college work isn’t like a real job made me smile, no offense. Just continue to ask the smart questions man!