Thinking of joining UCM, Anything that i need to know?

Hey, guys! Just got lost in Gyandhan's discussion forum, and guess what? University of Central Missouri caught my eye. Thoughts?
No way, I was just looking at that too! But, you know, my parents are freaking out about me going abroad. They're convinced I'll be kidnapped or something.
😂😂😂. Brown parents! Mine are worried about the food. Like, chill, Mom, I can handle a burger or two and I do not want gajar matar throughout the winters
Hehehe, tell me about it. My mumma papa are all about the 'safety' and 'cultural shock.' I'm just here wondering if they even know what TikTok is.😂🤣🤣
😂Seriously, guys, we're not going to Mars. It's just another country, and we'll figure it out. But UCM, anyone got details on scholarships?


Yes, please! I need a scholarship to convince my parents and my bank account that studying in the USA is a brilliant idea.
And the weather! I heard it can be a rollercoaster. I've never had to deal with snow other than manali and srinagar. But this is a whole other level. Do they even sell good winter jackets in India?🤧
Winter jackets? More like, do they sell spicy food? I can't survive without my daily dose of masala.
😂😂Priorities bro . But seriously, language could be a hurdle. Do they understand our English, or do we have to start talking like the Queen of England?🤣🤣🤣
Nah, we're good. They watch enough Bollywood, they'll understand us just fine. But seriously, how's the Indian food scene there?


Right? I'm not ready to give up my biryani for anything. And what about cricket? Can we even find a decent game to watch?
Good point. But let's not forget why we're going – education! Anyone checked the reviews on the faculty? I don't want to end up with a professor who can't even pronounce my name.

We didn’t invite a nerd to the discussion party😏


😂😂True that. And the time zone difference? I'm not ready for those late-night lectures.
Alright, guys, we've got a lot to figure out – scholarships, weather, food, cricket, you name it. But, hey, at least we'll be representing India together at UCM!🙌✌️
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Absolutely! And we'll have to introduce them to the magic of chai.😊😎 Can't wait for this adventure, guys!😍😍😍
Let's do this! Gym buddies, study buddies, and maybe we'll even teach them a Bollywood dance move or two.🥱😎