Thinking about doing Double Major

I did my grad in CS, but no job prospects, I am curious about whether pursuing a double major at UTA, such as Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, would incur higher cost compared to a single major?
Any sort of guidance or suggestion would be great!


I think it would totally depend on what job market you want to get into, or if you want to do a double major just for knowledge. If it’s for knowledge go for it, but, if you are thinking of doing a double major for having a better chance of getting into a job, it would depend on where you want to work.

Also, did you complete undergrad or grad in CS?

and, also why choose a different sector/program such as Mech and Aero after completing Computer Science?

Instead of a double major, I would suggest a PhD, there is more value in PhD and easier and better jobs.

Talk to your advisor. Credits should count for both then need to make sure you have enough for both. Cost will obviously increase but should NOT be a 2X increase. I expect a 25-30% increase of just one.

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I did my grad in CS

I don’t know, aerospace engineering seems like a viable option for me because there are not much job prospects in CS as of nopw. And honestly, I do not want to go for PHD.

You would need more credit hours to graduate. How many more would depend on the doubly major.

also from what I’ve been told, I believe once they add the double major option, you can’t take it off, maybe a myth, but definitely recommend reaching out to an advisor in the MAE department.