Things that I need to know and are good to know about the city/ people of Arlington

Things to know about Arlington as an international student.
Hey everyone. I am coming to UT Arlington for a graduate program this fall. Would really appreciate about the things that I need to know and are good to know about the city/ people of Arlington.

@veeraaatttS Best Vietnamese food ever!!! Go to Six Flags at least once just to say you went, the roller coasters are a lot of fun. Ranger games are fun, nose bleed section tickets are fairly cheap. Take a friend with a Lexus for free valet parking (I have a Lexus and I would be happy to go to a Ranger game with you). Visit downtown Ft Worth, it’s fun and has some pretty awesome restaurants and bars. Fort Worth Zoo was rated the #1 zoo in the US, it’s a really beautiful zoo. Check out the art museums and Fort Worth cultural district. I loathe country music but I’d say to check out Billy Bob’s. The Dallas World Aquarium is amazing and should not be missed. Dallas also has some incredible museums that you should definitely visit. Make sure and see a live theater performance, DFW has some great live theater. We also have great live music.

If you’re a woman please make sure you are using some form of BC.

@veeraaatttS Welcome and HOWDY There’s lots of international students at UTA and they stay after graduating. If you miss your he cuisine chances are we have a restaurant that serves it. Of course, it won’t be as good as mom’s but pretty close. We have a significant Indian, middle eastern, and Vietnamese population. International students flock to these places as hangouts. Ex. Narahs hookah lounge or Bethanys cafe. Arlington is one of the most diverse cities in the nation. Our local cuisine , BBQ & Mexican food, are top notch.

Arlington has no public transit. You’ll need a car or to live close to campus. They do offer ride sharing with a discount provided by the city. If you are disabled they offer transportation for free. Everything in Texas is bigger. Very car centric and spread out. Arlington is sandwich in between two large metropolitan cities and DFW is one of the largest most expansive areas in the nation. Lots of traffic, noise, pollution and lights. Say goodbye to the stars and lightning bugs.

Cost if living is reasonable compared to the nation and other parts of the metropolitan (metroplex). Campus living might be more expensive but offers student life. UTA is mostly a commuter school and Arlington a suburb. It’s lacking a nightlife relative to neighborhoods in Dallas. That being said, there are lots of fun things to do, like six flags, tons of professional sports, converts, and above average parks.

There’s plenty of goods bads and mehs. What else you want to know?