There are a lot of Indian students here at NEU

There are a lot of Indian students here at NEU, myself included. I am not trying to be racist, but genuinely curious. Does NEU have some sort of deal with a university system in India or something?

The primary reason 90% of Indian students come to the US is not solely for pursuing a master's degree but to secure employment opportunities. Obtaining a master's degree is often seen as the most straightforward pathway to work in the US, serving the purpose of job acquisition. Northeastern University, in particular, offers a commendable co-op program. This program allows international students to gain significantly more experience compared to a typical internship. The benefits of such a program greatly contribute to finding full-time employment prospects.
Becoz of same reason why Italians, English, Canadians come to US. US has highest income rates all over the world for software related tech.

I recently met 3 Italian girls who are here as baby Mamas​:joy: and when I asked them, “ couldn’t you find any other interesting jobs?” They replied, “its the easiest way to get to US”:smirk:. Sadly US doesn’t have that open for Indians yet or may be they just like to earn more after masters.

Historically Germans, Irish, Italians have come to US for different reasons btw.

@ItsJoey Oh really, baby mamas for a US ticket? :joy: Well, we Indians prefer earning our way through tech, not diaper changes. Maybe they missed the memo on coding being cooler than changing diapers. Plus, we’re all about the legit hustle, not the stroller hustle, you know what I mean? :briefcase::computer:

And hey, maybe they just need to up their game if they want to play in the Indian league of making it big in the US after masters. No shortcuts, just brains and hard work. :brain::muscle:

But seriously, software and tech is where it’s at, and we’re rocking it without the whole baby mama drama. :rocket::india: #TechHustle #NoDiapersNoDrama