The warn me emails are scaring me!

I recently secured a spot in the Berkeley summer program, but I’m concerned by the frequent ‘Warn Me’ emails about crime in the area. It’s quite unsettling. How severe is the crime situation around Berkeley, especially in the summer? Any advice on staying safe would be greatly appreciated. Is the scenario as bad as it seems, or could it potentially worsen during the summer months?

Summer is actually better. The whole Berkeley is pretty empty during summer. Just go back home after sunset. You’ll be fine :raised_hands:

Berkeley is often in news when it comes to the safety , but the campus area is not so bizzare as you might think. I have been here for a decent amount of time now. The key is to be attentive. And there is campus security of course.

Yup, true. There’s not so much crowd here in the summers , so you’ll get the hang of it during the time.