The Sad Saga of Admissions Cancellations by US Universities Unfolds

The Sad Saga of Admissions Cancellations by US Universities Unfolds

It was a disaster waiting to happen. We had assumed that US universities and colleges would at least provide international students with the option to study online from their home countries starting September 2020 if the campuses did not open for classes in Fall owing to the Global Pandemic. The news for international students from at least one school is worse.

In an unexpected and unprecedented move, Southern Hampshire University located in Manchester, New Hampshire in the US, has cancelled outright all undergraduate admissions for international students not only for Fall 2020 but also for Spring 2021. No option to study online has been offered by the university as of today. To put it simply, this is an outright withdrawal of an admit even after issuing the I-20 Student Visa document.

We consider this move by Southern New Hampshire University most unfortunate because many international students holding confirmed I-20s from the school would have said “no” to other schools where they may have gained admits. The last date to pay admission deposits at many US universities and colleges was May 1, 2020. We expect other US schools to follow suit which further complicates the current state of uncertainty.

If you hold an admit to Southern New Hampshire University and have not accepted other offers of admission, write to us and we will see how we can help you.