The IIT tag - is it useful?

I am about to apply for my MS in the US. Did my undergrad from an IIT. My GPA is not that great. So will the IIT tag help me get into any of the top universities?
Any answer would be of help. Thanks in advance!

Not sure about top universities and even with moderate universities, only up to a certain extent. I mean you can’t expect to secure admission to a university with 50% marks. Also, it would be bode well for you if you have a well-rounded resume. What have you done to compensate for your low GPA? Any short courses? Any extracurricular activities? Any work experience?

These things will really help you counterbalance the low GPA. Also, work on your SOP. You get one chance to tell your reasons for a low GPA and tell about other aspects of your personality and application that should warrant a consideration.
US universities are not into the “tag” so much. So, you really need to work on your application.