The GyanDhan Profile Evaluator


Is there any particular reason why does the GyanDhan profile evaluator not include research publications and work experience. I think predicting my chance to get into a University without these
aspects of my profile is incorrect.

Thanks and Regards

Hello @AverageMsApplicant,

The factors mentioned by you are subjective in nature while the model that we built to predict the admit is an objective model. If you have research publications over and above the profile mentioned on admit predictor, then it increases your chances of admitting over and above what we are predicting.

Hope this clarifies the query


Hi Aman,
Thanks for your response.

Another question I wanted to ask is whether you guys can include SOP and LOR quality as parameters, something like Yocket does in their predictor

Hi @AverageMsApplicant

No, SOP and LOR are not included as parameters. They are, again, subjective in nature. However, we do have an SOP Review tool that you can use to evaluate its quality and make it better. You can check it out here

I hope this helps you. All the best!