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I am currently a student in 12th Grade in India for refrence I have PCM and am thinking about my future initially I plan to study BTech or Msc in maths and statistics however If I don’t get into a College with Good ROI in India then I will definitely think about taking a gap year and try to find a college elsewhere abroad, it’s still not final just a plan B. I am making this post with little to no knowledge about anything it’s just that India is a very overpopulated country with way to much competition like getting into a top college also doesn’t always gaurentees you land a good job and I feel like their are other places where I think I can find maybe better work life balance and more opportunity. I often hear a lot about how various countries appreciates foreign students and how they have policies that prevents the companies from making their employees work to their bones ik most it might not be true and as they grass is always greener on the other side and I can be delusional about this stuff still wanted to hear people’s suggestions tho and they might recommend me some suggestions with countries that have good opportunities and universities for the above courses mentioned and how can I enroll in them like only way ik is through my SAT score and IELTS/TOFEL/any other English proficiency test.


I also did my UG in India and am going to Dublin this year for Msc after approx. 1.5 years of work ex. I don’t come from an engineering background so i might not be able to help in that context, but here are my two cents for you.

Start with understanding where your interests actually lie. Think wisely if you actually want to go for your chosen fields or if there is anything else that you could be better at.

Talk to your parents about what your financial condition is. Are they comfortable sponsoring your entire education (be it in India or abroad)? Are they willing to take loans? Are they even comfortable with you going abroad?

Like someone commented, go to an education counsellor. You don’t have to start following everything they say but it is a good starting point when you don’t know how to go about your research. Talk to these people about every country, every possibility, go to their education fairs. I would suggest going to the free of cost ones initially since you are only trying to gather information. I’ll name a few agents that have free education fairs- Fateh Education, IDP, Envision Overseas. I had also gone to these fairs to understand what is the requirement, what course I can do, etc. It gave me a starting point for my research.

While financing an UG course abroad is going to be quite heavy on the pocket, it has its advantages of getting an international student exposure. You’ll need to weigh pros and cons of being in every country, every college and every course for your own self. Talking to people can only help in getting to know various perspectives but only you know your academic, financial, and familial capabilities. So, you’ll have to sit with yourself and chart out all these things for yourself.

Watch Youtube videos as part of your research. Again, you don’t need to start all processes according to them, it’ll only give you an idea about various possibilities and requirements.

““Suno sabki, karo mann ki”” should be your motto for studying abroad. You can’t base your decisions on someone else’s experiences and opinions. Hope this helps"

Plan to study Bachelors abroad only if you have a budget of atleast 60 Lakhs minimum for the tuition fee of 3 years. Secondly, SAT is a requirement for NTU, NUS or US Universities majorly. If you plan to opt out of it UK and Australia stands to be a better option. IELTS is a mandate for all countries to dat. However, waivers for the same are available in UK and Dubai.

If you plan to study in abroad, even as a backup, start applying after consultation to save time and have valuable offers in hand to make a comparison between plan A and B.

Rest, for brief analysis - as per your profile shared above, I would suggest that you consider studying in UK, Australia or Dubai. (Dubai being the cheapest of all countries with scholarships and IELTS waiver).

Further, you need help with profile evaluation, course and University shortlisting and application , you may reach out to us at:

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