Student Review of Northeastern University: Insights and Experiences

UNIVERSITY REVIEW – Hemanshu Dhuria, MSBA at Northeastern University

Introduction and Decision Factors:

● Please introduce yourself with your course and graduation year. What influenced your decision to choose this university?

I am Hemanshu Dhuria from Bikaner, India. I have recently graduated from MS in Business Analytics at Northeastern University, Boston in December 2023. Primarily, the duration of the course, scholarship and the curriculum influenced me to choose this University.

Academic Environment and Faculty Interaction:

● How would you describe the academic workload and the faculty’s approachability for guidance?

Since, it was a fast-paced course of only 16 months of duration. Therefore, the workload was heavy as compared to other 2 years courses. There was a total of 30 credits needs to be completed over a span of 3 semesters. Each course is of 3 credits. Therefore, I followed 3 +4 +3 pattern for a total of 30 credits for 10 courses.
Faculty is great and are extremely useful in guiding you for every way possible. They were extremely instructive on everything. Particular hours are already set for a particular commitment.

Campus and City Life:

● Can you share insights about campus life, extracurricular activities, and the overall student vibe in the city/town?

NEU is located in the heart of the city. It’s a city university campus, therefore the connectivity is extremely smooth. Everything is available within the campus and nearby. All kinds of extra-curricular activities are available in recreation centers.
I feel that Northeastern succeeds at isolating city from campus. You know when you’re at school, unlike say BU or NYU. There’s always things open late and things to do on campus and in the actual city if you have that free time. Weather of Boston is not good, its mostly raining every time and is too fluctuating.

Accommodation Insights:

● What accommodation options are available for students, and do you have any tips for choosing the best place to live?

For freshmen dorms and their dining are compulsory. For graduate students, on campus housing is not available. You must find an apartment off-campus on lease. Boston is extremely expensive, so you must find flat mates or roommates as per your convenience.
For best areas, try talking to many people and make a list of nearby areas. My recommendation – Mission Hill, Park Dr, Boylston St., Parker Street, JVue, Huntington Ave.
Avoid- Roxbury and Dorchester

Program Strengths and Unique Opportunities:

● What are the main strengths of your program, and are there any unique opportunities it provided you with?

The best part of our program is the course duration as most of the MSBA courses are less than a year. Also, how well-mixed the courses are, covering both technical subjects and non- technical topics. This introduction to data and its business applications is useful. Plus, there are lots of events and networking opportunities for students to get to know each other and build connections.

Balancing Theory and Practice:

● How does the curriculum balance theoretical knowledge with practical experiences?

Every course in our program includes mandatory hands-on assignments and projects that tackle real-world problems. Instead of relying solely on tests, our professors emphasize practical work that prepares students for actual job scenarios.

Career Preparation:

● Could you discuss the internship and job opportunities facilitated by the university during or after your course?

The university didn’t offer much direct assistance in securing internships and job placements. However, they did provide support through networking events, resume workshops, LinkedIn profile optimization, mock interviews, and constant access to a dedicated career counselor. Although the NUWorks ( University centric job portal) lists specific jobs and co-op opportunities, it unfortunately wasn’t available to MSBA students.

Alumni Network and Support:
● How active is the alumni network, and in what ways has it been supportive to you or other students?

We have access to a robust alumni network and benefit from alumni networking events. LinkedIn proves to be an invaluable resource, and the career team is instrumental in facilitating connections with alumni. Getting referrals is essential for success.

Key Challenges and Overcoming Them:
● What challenges did you face during your time at the university, and how did you overcome them?

The toughest part at NEU was securing an on-campus job to support my finances. With so many students, the competition was intense and there weren’t enough jobs. I consistently applied through the job portal and found that sending out numerous cold emails was beneficial. Building a network also proved helpful. My advice? Keep at it and try a variety of strategies. This approach worked for finding internships, too.

Final Advice:

● Based on your experience, what final piece of advice would you offer to incoming students to make the most out of their university experience?

Considering the job market right now, I think it’s a good idea for you to have some work experience, like 1-2 years, before you come to the U.S. Also, figure out what specific area you want to study and work in. This helps you stand out because you’re not just doing what everyone else is. Use all the help the university offers, like the alumni network and job portal, and keep trying different ways to find jobs and internships. Knowing people and having a clear plan really help you make the most of your time at university and set you up for a good job later. Also be persistent while operating your life here.