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can you tell me a bit about the Business Intelligence program?

i’m a mechanical engineer which course should i take for my master, which has more opportunities

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Does stevens offer internships to all its students?

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wanted to know about the faculty and the courses? How is the teaching in Business Intelligence and analytics

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I would like to study cloud computing in Stevens. I have 2 years of experience in cloud computing. Is it really helpful to get admission? please let me know the avg gre score.

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Whose LOR is preferable? CEO of the company or your HOD or your reporting manager?
I am not from this background at all. i have done my Mcom. i find this program interesting and i wish to go for it. is there any any online course i need to enrol for in order to get a taste of Business analytics?

I am from Economics background…completed my ba in eco hons from DU last year…Are non engineering students eligible for this program?

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Do we have to do some premasters course as well…as US require 16 years of education

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would you prefer a known university with high tuition fees or a normal ranking university and save on tuition fees for Business analytics? does it affect the academics?

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what is the two years fees for ms in BI?


Yeah, financial engineering is one of the really really good course here. It’s also one of the courses where you will ironically see less of Indian students in. Its like 50% US students and 50% Chinese. But it’s one of the really really good courses here. The professors are matured, either Phd or half of them are from Wall Street. They either have their career in wall-street, and now they are teaching or they are right now working in wallstreet and teaching. So that’s a good connection as well, because if you become a good student or something, you can actually go to the professor and say you have connections. And a lot of people have actually got in jobs or internships through just asking the professor. The professors are really good for financial engineering and I know that because I have seen them, I have heard about them. And second, the course itself while I don’t know the exact specifics I know that stevens lets you tailor the course according to your need. Say for example, after 1 or 2 semesters you are like you know what I have accumulated enough, financial engineering courses I have to take financial engineering courses, I have to take analytical courses, or I want to take an MBA course or I want to take a c++ course or whatever may be the case, you can actually do that obviously talking to your adviser, from that point of view Stevens have been really really flexible. So for FII, there are two different courses, one is financial engineering and other is financial analytics. Every student from the school of business has access to a personal Bloomberg terminal which I have been told costs thousands of dollars.

I personally got a scholarship, have seen a lot of people getting a scholarship, and again because I was working at the office of graduate admissions while assessment. Stevens actually give out a lot of scholarships, a lot of students are absolutely merit based. And again it’s not decided by the office it’s decided by the professors who are evaluating your application. Since we are making a strong case, say for example, and in this case, what I would suggest is, if possible reach out to them before you start an application or whatever may be the case. You go meet them, tell them your super interested, tell them about your background, stuff like that. And if they really like you, they feel like your really really fit for the masters program, I’m pretty sure if you tell them I have some sort of financial need, they will be able to arrange it. On one hand, while Stevens is an non-profit organization, it has more data when it comes to private donations. Stevens has a lot of money and that is evident in the fact that, there are a lot of Phd programs happening here which are completely funded. So just for detrade, scholarships are given to international students a lot, and on the one hand I think they don’t differentiate between international students or domestic students, they just give up scholarships. As I said, I think it would help if you have a connection with the professor beforehand.


First of all I don’t know about every other program. Specifically for BIA, I would say absolutely not a big deal. Because 50% of us are who have experience and 50% were straight out from under graduation. Having said that, the reason why they expect your experience is required is because, they want to see if your newly inclined or even interested even a little bit in analytics. Or you have some sort of background which will help you to pick up analytics and the reason is that because they know that specifically India and China do not have specific programs or master’s degree or even undergrad for that much we have focused on data analytics.

However, if you want to say that no, I don’t have any experience but I have been doing a lot of projects, participated in lot of hackathons I don’t think that will be a problem at all. They will accept you. I would personally say don’t go for work experience because as soon as you come here you work experience will turn into zero when you start your work/job over here, whatever experience you have in India. So it doesn’t really matter, if you have your personal reasons, if you want to get that sort of experience that’s great and definitely recommended. But if you don’t have that preference, then I would suggest definitely apply but do show intent but at least your enthusiasm for the field your applying in.


I don’t know the absolute %. At Least 30-40 % students get scholarships and one of the reasons I think more than ever, because there are also so many options for students to choose universities. Universities use this whole scholarship thing like how companies use discounts. A lot of schools are actually giving out a lot of scholarships especially to those counter act that depend on their international application.


Like I said, Stevens has 2 or 3 career fairs a year. And I think depending on the time of the year, size vary. So there will be one in January which will be a smaller one, compared to the one happening in September or October, which will be a much bigger one. The smaller one will have about 60-70 companies. The bigger one will have about 100-120 companies. But like I said, the thing is that, Sevens wide career fair will be open for all. So will be open for bachelors, masters, Phd’s, and for all the fields. And then BIA has its own career fair.

Just call them. I know it will cost a little bit but just call them. Call during US working hours ( 9-5). Their numbers are on the website, call them and tell them about this problem and someone will help you sort it out. So I know that the reminders you keep getting are automated, so if something is missing the system itself keep sending reminders.

I am a data scientist at host right now. Like we are building a product which we are going to sell to our clients. Our thing is like a small startup into a big company. My specific role is, currently I’m working on data pipe-lining. Which means data is lying somewhere, like currently its on google cloud platform, its resting over there. And we need to go to a graph database enapse. So making that entire data pipeline where automatically every week/ month end/ day or whatever, the data gets picked from the google’s platform and I sort of wrangle it, I manipulate it in the way I wanted and then it goes directly and stores in the graphic database. So that is the data pipelining aspect which I’m working in right now. Once that’s done I am going to move on to the science side of things which is audience segmentation and targeting. So using all the data we have, how do we cluster all the audiences and target them effectively.


One thing I would say is, do a masters in which you like. Like I said, engineering In india and engineering here is absolutely different. If you take up a masters just because everyone is doing it, and you personally don’t like it, then you will have a very difficult time here. Not to mention your grades are to be bad, and you will hate your job. So, I would suggest instead of looking at more opportunities, look for something your interested in and then see what your interested in has more opportunities or not.

One thing I have to say, colleges in the US are not gonna help you in anything. I’m not saying it in a bad way. That’s how it works. Jobs, internships and everything you will have to put in the work. If you come to Stevens the big opportunity you will get is, there’s this link called meetup, which I think is picking up in India also specifically in Bangalore. But this is specifically for, where you can attend meetups which happens at physical location. So, it’s like a very good networking opportunity. So you talk to people you go to these events where lot of platforms which organize tech events which are specifically meant for people to go and meet the companies and then you know to talk about things and stuff like that. I think that’s the only way you can get internships is, networking a lot. Keeping a link in networks or monster, indeed. All of these are applying online. If you can get through a referral then your life is sorted. If your really in good terms with your professors and if they have a contact they can put you in.

Faculty across Stevens, I can say about school of business. Stevens is made up of 3 schools. You can think of it as 3 separate categories. One is the school of engineering, which is your regular master’s programs like Computer Science, IT and stuff like that. The other one is I think shafer school, which is more sort of mechanical, chemical, industrial. The third one is, school of business, under which you have business intelligence financial, MBA , management and technology. I can definitely talk about business because I have interacted with most of those professors. They are amazing. As I said, they will either have Phd which shows that they are committed to the field they are in. Or they are directly from industry. Just to give a little bit of the professors I personally hand, for the course of mine for one and a half years. I have one person, who had his own consultancy doing analytics for the past 20-25 years. I have one hour hod, who is the head of the department who handles the entire department of BIA. Professor stole, believe it or not he’s 80 years old. And he’s still going absolutely strong. He comes to office at 9 A.M and leaves by 9 P.M. and we know this because we have seen him. He’s really amazing. I think he has 2 different Phd’s. We have other professor who is the co-director of the program. He comes from the industry, he has a lot of contacts with different people in the industry in different companies and usually gets them on board for the events that BIA program organizes. We have a lot of people specifically with Phds in specific field. So we have one guy whose Phd is focused on NLP, which is Natural Language Processing. And he’s the one who teaches NLP related courses. We have one person who has a Phd in financial field, and he teaches the statistical kind of courses. So in that way the faculties are really amazing.

I think I have forgotten to point this out, but one thing specifically BIA program does which is entirely different from the entire Stevens, is that BIA has its own events. Not to say that its exclusively for BIA students, but definitely beneficial to BIA students in the sense that, just to give you an idea, Stevens as a whole, has 3 career events like you know the career events where 100 companies comes to campus. That happens 3 times a year. That’s the generic one and then obviously companies keeps coming to recruit through the career cell, that happens throughout the year. But BIA specifically has 5 events on top of that throughout the year. So, as a BIA student obviously you’re invited to all the wide events but for specifically you have the poster shows. What poster shows essentially are is, you do a particular project in a course, your supposed to create a infographic or poster about it to showcase your work. And then there is 50-60 posters at a time and people all over from New York all over from the industry come to, basically talk about the work, you can talk to them about internships. So, it’s basically it’s a good opportunity to showcase your work and talk about networking at the same time. The other thing BIA has is, board of adviser meetings. So BIA program as I said is a little separate from the entire Stevens as it has its own board of advisers, which is especially from companies like IBM, UBS, FedEx, visa. All these different companies you have CIO, CBO, chief data scientist , all the chief like economics and whatever. Really big positions like VP, president level. They come twice a year to obviously talk to faculty and everyone about the going on. And after that there is a networking affect which is exclusively to BIA. Just want to call that out as a BIA student there’s more events on top of the regular students.

I’m not aware of the cloud computing masters, the stacks around it. If you have done a few courses online or if you showed that intent and you want to pursue your masters here, I think that would definitely be considered. Im sorry but i really don’t know the stacks around GRE stuff. Having said that, let me just point out that, across the board or all the degree/programs offered here, I think GRE score is not looked at the very beginning. I think GRE score is a more of weeding out process. So GRE along with TOEFL is just to see whether you will be able to cope up with courses and stuffs like that. Apart from that, I have seen people with scores of 300, 290 like you know getting in. Because they have other things like that are super , for example, work experience. In your case say, they have taken courses in cloud computing, or from coursera which shows that your enthusiastic about this program. I think that will more than compensate if you have a low GRE score.