Should you do MBA if you are introverted?

I’m kinda freaked out that my introverted nature might mess things up for me. I’ve always had a hard time with groups and have only had like 2-3 close friends. It makes me worry about feeling alone or missing out on important connections. Got any tips on how to deal with this and make real connections despite being like this?

That’s a valid worry, but honestly, it’s not super likely since most people do end up making friends in the program. Keep in mind, the MBA world is pretty extroverted, so you might need to push yourself out of your comfort zone a bit. But don’t stress too much—there are always some introverts in every program. Find them and connect.

Definitely join the pre-MBA international trip if you can. Pick one that’s not a party hotspot. You’ll probably meet someone you click with. The trip costs a bit, but it’s totally worth it for the friends you’ll make.

Another tip is to find people who share your background. Look for folks from your ethnicity, hometown, undergrad, religion, etc. Stick to those common grounds and build from there.

Later on, if you’re really into a specific area like healthcare or finance, you’ll find people with the same interests in your classes. You can build solid friendships as you take more advanced courses together.