Should I pursue a Master's in Analytics?

I finished my BA in Advertising a year back, and during my studies, I realized the only aspect of advertising that genuinely interests me is data analysis. Although I lack direct experience in data analysis, I’ve got some background in software development and am quite proficient in SQL, which I believed would make me an appealing candidate for data-related roles. However, after sending out 800 applications and not landing any job offers, I’m starting to lose hope.

So, my question is, would obtaining a Master’s degree in Business Analytics make a significant difference? Or is the analytics sector too challenging to enter without specific experience?

Experience will count more than an MBA at the entry-level. Aim to gain more analytics experience and make sure to emphasize it in your resume; that’s what will catch attention. Advertising combined with analytics can be a strong mix for the right position. Consider exploring BI or marketing analytics roles.

While a Master’s in Business Analytics can strengthen your resume, consider pursuing faster and cheaper options like online courses or building a data analysis portfolio. Highlight transferable skills from your advertising background and tailor your applications. The key is to develop your skills, network, and persist in your job search. A Master’s is valuable, but not the only path to success.