Should I Apply or Retake the IELTS with an Overall Band Score of 7 for 2025 Summer Intake?

I’m planning to apply for the 2025 summer intake. I received my IELTS results today: band 6 in writing and speaking, overall band score of 7. Should I apply with this score or retake the test? Feedback from students would be appreciated.

Generally, an overall band score of 7 is considered good for most (95%) universities. 6 in 2 sections can be a deal breaker in a few universities, remember to check the websites for each and every school you are targeting. I remember UIUC had a 7.5 band requirement, but if you are not targeting the few universities that are demanding 7.5 or more, you are good with this score.
If you are confident of scoring a good score next time and ielts application fee is not the problem, then you can retake as well.
I hope this answers your question.

First of all, I completely agree with what Hemanshu has said.
However, I would like to add some more context.

  1. The English proficiency requirement is not only university-specific but also program-specific. So, please check the average score for your preferred program in the university you’re planning to apply.
  2. It will also depend on the competitiveness of the program. Higher-ranked programs or those with more applicants prefer higher IELTS scores.
  3. Every university has program-based or at least school-based groups on Facebook or Telegram. Look for those and reach out to previous year’s students to learn more accurate details.

Good Luck!!