Series of AMA sessions

Dear students,
While planning your application for abroad or while you are in the application phase, there always comes a situation when you feel if you can get advice and suggestions from someone who has already gone through the process. In that case, seniors can provide the most accurate information to get some perspective. We are soon planning to start a series of AMA sessions with the seniors. You can get all your queries answered from small ones to big ones by people who have a real-time experience of the procedure.

Hey, can we also register as mentors? When I was in my application phase, I faced a lot of problems. My hand is bit rusty on information but I can help them with a macro picture…

Count me in

Yes absolutely. I have pinged you the details. Please check your inbox

Thanks for reaching out. Please stay tuned. Will send you the necessary guidelines

I want to be a part of this. Can you suggest me how to proceed further?

Want to contribute in these AMA sessions. Could you suggest some calendar or time schedule regarding this? Actually I am working on a project right now, so it will be feasible for me to attend these sessions on weekends only (Preferably Sunday)…How do you confirm?

I have pinged you the details. Please check your inbox

Thanks for reaching out. We are planning to arrange two sessions per week. Unfortunately, we will be able to conduct these sessions on Saturday only due to certain constraints. Sunday wont be feasible for us. Please see if you can take some time out on Saturdays. Kindly let me know whatever your decision is. I am adding your name to the list of mentors.
I didn’t get the meaning of your last sentence (How do you confirm)

Kindly provide me details on the available time slots.
Thanks for adding me to the list.
@how do you confirm …I meant ‘what do you think about my proposition’?

Hi Pankaj,
Please check your inbox, I have sent you a calendly link to select the time slots.
Oh got it… What you meant.
Yes absolutely, you are most welcome