Senior AMA - Shantanu Kallakuri, MS Materials Science @ Cornell University

This webinar session will be hosted by Shantanu Kallakuri, who is currently pursuing his MS (thesis) in Materials Science from Cornell University. He will volunteer an hour of his time to answer your queries. Before Cornell, Shantanu completed his undergraduate studies, M.P.C from St. Patrick’s College, Hyderabad. Then he availed a dual degree B.E. Chemical Engineering, M.S. Chemistry from BITS Pilani. Post this, he worked as a Process Engineer for Jord International, Singapore. After that, he undertook Research Assistant job at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. During his masters, he secured Graduate Teaching Assistantships over different time periods.

Here is how the Senior AMA works:

  1. Ask Qs now: You can start asking your questions right away right here.
  2. Answers via video: On Saturday, October 12th, at 5 PM, Shantanu will answer your Qs via a webinar, which you can join here.
  3. Answers transcribed for future reference: We will transcribe Shantanu’s answers and post them in response to your questions on this page.

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