Selection of the University in UK January 2024 Intake

Hello guys,
I have received Offer letters from University of Exeter, Brunel university London and Strathclyde University for Msc in International Business. Being an International student from India I’m really looking forward to have Global Exposure followed by Placement support and good location. Kindly support with your experiences and honest suggestion.
Thanks in anticipation.

Hello Gunit,

Congratulations on receiving offer letters from the University of Exeter, Brunel University London, and Strathclyde University for an MSc in International Business. Choosing the right university for your master’s program is an important decision, and it’s great that you’re seeking advice to make an informed choice.

While I don’t have personal experiences, I can provide some general insights into these universities and factors to consider:

University of Exeter:

Location: Exeter is a beautiful city in the South West of England, offering a mix of historic charm and a vibrant student community.

Global Exposure: The university often has a diverse student body, and you can expect to have a global experience.

Career Support: Exeter typically offers career services to help students find placements and job opportunities.

Brunel University London:

Location: Being in London, Brunel offers excellent access to global business hubs, networking opportunities, and cultural experiences.

Global Exposure: Studying in London will naturally expose you to a diverse international community.

Career Support: Universities in London often have extensive career services to support students in finding internships and jobs.

University of Strathclyde:

Location: Strathclyde is located in Glasgow, Scotland, and offers a mix of a dynamic city and natural beauty.

Global Exposure: Glasgow is a diverse city, and the university typically has a global student body.

Career Support: Strathclyde has a good track record of helping students with job placements.

To make the best choice, consider these factors:

  • Your personal preferences regarding the city and its lifestyle.
  • The specific course content and modules offered by each university.
  • Alumni networks and industry connections.
  • The type of placements and internships they offer.
  • Accommodation options and living costs.

Well to make a better idea about your future income, the “Estimate Future Earnings” tool, can make an informed decision about their education choices, taking into account factors like global exposure, university reputation, and expected career outcomes. This tool can play a pivotal role in helping them decide which university and program will best align with their academic and career goals, and whether the financial investment is worthwhile in the long run.

Best of luck with your decision, and I hope you have a successful academic and personal journey in the UK!