Seeking college and career guidance!

I could really use some advice, and I'm hoping for respectful input. I was homeschooled and find myself a bit lost when it comes to college decisions. Unfortunately, I don't have anyone in real life to turn to, and the adults around me, while positive, might be a bit too optimistic due to a lack of college knowledge.

After high school, I ended up in community college, focusing on general education. Three years later, I’m still unsure about my direction. I lack clear passions, skills, or hobbies. The usual advice of “go try things” isn’t that straightforward for me—I don’t have a driver’s license, no friends, and my anxiety makes trying new things a challenge.

I’m currently working on getting my driver’s license and contemplating starting online classes while I wait. I’m not committed to any major, but my goal is to become a normal, financially-stable adult. I’m considering Business Administration BS with a Management Information Systems Concentration. I understand that business is a default for many, and I’m not a particularly charismatic person. However, I’m also interested in IT and tech, so the concentration might be a good fit. I struggle with math, so a typical CS degree is out of the question due to the challenging math courses. This major seems to have just two math classes, which I believe I can handle with determination and some support. I’m not interested in art or history degrees without math involved, so those are not on my radar.

My main concern is that this degree might end up being useless, and I’ll be stuck in retail forever—an outcome I find challenging to cope with. It feels like a dead end.

I appreciate any insights or guidance you can provide.

Just get a degree in accounting and you’ll be good. Or minor/double major in accounting and MIS.

Have you considered teaching ?

Younger ages k-6 might be good based on the details you shared.

Hang in there, lots of paths… you will find your way.

Teaching would be interesting. But don’t you have to get a Masters for that? or no? And unfortunately I believe they are paid way less than they deserve. The job is quite demanding, for the pay I don’t think it is worth. Maybe if they go on strike for better wages.

To be a middle school or high school teacher, all you need is a bachelors and to complete a teaching program. If you want to become a professor, it will depend on what you wanna teach. The harder subjects such as math and computer science will only need a masters. English, sociology, and psychology will need a PhD.