Seeking alternatives to CSE 205 at ASU for Java fundamentals review without Zybooks frustration at a community college for a smoother summer learning experience?

Alternative to CSE 205 For my major I’m required to take CSE 205. I took CSE 110 several semesters ago, but now I’m realizing I should have taken CSE 205 right after CSE 110 because now I barely remember any of the Java principles and techniques I learned back then.
I enrolled for CSE 205 this semester, and when I saw the course material and the god awful use of zybooks, I decided to drop it and swap the class for something else. My plan right now is to spend the summer re-learning Java, then take CSE 205 Fall of 2024, which would be my only class left to graduate by then.
Buuuuut, I wanted to know if there is any equivalent course I can enroll at say, a community college, ideally one that reviews the fundamentals first and doesn’t use something as frustrating as zybooks? If so, that’d be perfect because then I can take that during summer and just transfer the credit to ASU.

@arnav5hukla There’s a 205 equivalent at community colleges, there’s an equivalent for all of the classes before junior year. Also, the 205 class I took at ASU was mostly review of 110 for the first half of the class.

yep, it starts off as review. Nothing in 205 is extremely difficult, but it is very time consuming.

It’s really not time consuming if you actually understand OOP, which most people in 205 don’t. Understand it and you’ll fly through easily.