Searching for a place to cry in peace😓

I’m navigating a really tough time right now and have scheduled a virtual session with a therapist for next week. However, I’m pretty sure I’ll end up sobbing through it. Could you suggest some spots on campus where I can have this conversation and let out my tears without attracting attention?

Also, it looks like Tuesday (when my appointment is) is expected to have thunderstorms, so I’m leaning towards indoor recommendations.

Just to add more context: Due to the circumstances I’m facing, I strongly prefer not to have this call at home.

There’s a sensory safe room on the 5th floor of the library that you can reserve in advanced :slight_smile: I highly recommend it for its soundproof walls and how it’s closed off from thew rest of the library.

Thank you sm :slight_smile: Is this the room you’re talking about? Space Availability - 520C - Library Consultations & Spaces - UTA Libraries

I hope things improve for you! <3

Like someone else said, the sensory rooms on the 5th floor of the library are nice and easy to book, as well as conference/group study rooms at the commons. If you can’t get one, the parking lot by the bookstore (if you don’t mind taking the call in your car) doesn’t get much foot traffic

Probably should’ve mentioned that I don’t have a car here :’

Although I am thinking of getting one as soon as I get buttload of money

I’m sorry you’re going through a rough time. Feel free to reach out. Mavs got to stick together.