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In the last year, international students pursuing a Master’s program had to pay between 22,000 – 50,000 AUD every year. Living costs in Australia too are on the higher side and students had to spend between 1,400 and 2,500 AUD a month towards living expenses. The high tuition fee certainly acts as a deterrent for many aspirants wishing to go to Australia for higher studies. How cool it would be if you could get a scholarship to make your study in  Australia dream come true!  Well, now this wish can certainly come true because there are numerous scholarships that you can apply for during your study in Australia. Wish to know more about them? Well, in this blog, we list down some popular scholarships for you. So, let us start right away. 

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Does Australia give scholarships based on the IELTS score?

Is it hard to earn a scholarship in Australia?

Your IELTS score defines your eligibility and proficiency level in English Language.
In Australia, you are offered scholarship on the basis of your academics and not your IELTS score. Try to make your academic record strong to avail the maximum scholarship possible.

It totally depends on your circumstances and the scholarship in question.
Scholarships are highly competitive things. In international scholarships, the potential pool of applicants is larger. So focus on making your academic record strong and apply for several scholarships to increase your chances.