Scholarship for abroad

Hello sir/ mam
I m a student of diploma in Electrical Engineering. I want to study in abroad for bachelor degree with 100% tution and living expenses scholarship.
Kindly please tell me is there any exam for to apply in these conditions?


You will have to fill in applications for scholarships. There are no such exams or entrance tests for scholarships. Scholarships are either awarded based on merit or need, depending on the background of the student. Merit-based scholarships require good academic record and profile, whereas, need-based scholarship is given to students with weak financial backgrounds which is ascertained by the university.

Other than that, there are mainly two types of scholarships - external and internal. External scholarships are awarded by the government or private organizations. For example - Chevening scholarships are given by the UK government to study in the UK and covers all the expenses.
Internal scholarships are awarded by the university itself. For example - University of Surrey offers £2,000 scholarship to international students based on merit.

Please do mention your target country and course so that I can provide you with a more comprehensive list of scholarships.
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Thanks for reply,
Well currently I m persuing diploma in Electrical Engineering. So for bachelors I want to study USA,UK and European countries with good scholarships as my financial background is not very strong.
Kindly tell me about it


Scholarships offered by various universities/organizations for Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering -

  1. Society of Women Engineers Scholarships - Amount of the scholarship - 5,000 USD. The scholarship supports women pursuing bachelor or graduate student programs.
  2. Global Excellence Scholarship by University of Minnesota - Amount of the scholarship - $10,000 or $5,000 per year for up to four years. Award is competitive and based on merit.
  3. The Manchester Science and Engineering International Excellence scholarships - University of Manchester - Amount £3,000 per year for up to four years of study.
  4. AACE International Scholarships - Amount - $2500. Scholarship given on merit.
  5. International Academic Excellence Awards - University of Coventry - Amount - £1,500.
  6. Fulbright Students program - to study in the USA. Amount - merit-based funding provided.
  7. Holland Scholarship - to study in the Netherlands. The scholarship amount is € 5,000, which is a one-time award in the first year of study.
  8. Queen Mary Global Excellence Scholarships (UG) - Queen Mary University of London - scholarship amount - £2000. Merit-based scholarship.
  9. University of Birmingham has course specific scholarships as well as merit-based scholarships of up to - £3000.
  10. Chevening scholarships - fully-funded merit-based scholarships.
  11. Tata scholarships - to study in University of Cornell, includes tuition fee for eight semesters and other expenses.
  12. The University of Arizona also provides merit-based scholarships to students.

Every scholarship mentioned is subject to student’s profile. You can also contact the concerned department of your target university for need-based scholarships. Need-based scholarships are decided purely on case-to-case basis. Most universities list the scholarships available to students on taking admission to the university, so there may be more scholarships that are not listed on the university website. Do check-in with the department and the university to know the options available to you.
Many universities also offer on-campus jobs to international students as well as assistantships. You will also be eligible to work certain hours (depending on the country’s work permit) off-campus.

I hope this list helps you. If you have any further questions, do post on this thread. I’d be happy to help!
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Hello. I have received an Unconditional offer from UAL (University of Arts London) for a Masters course. I am willing to apply for scholarship which will help me in the funding of my masters study abroad. Can you please suggest/advise me scholarship options available for an Indian to study in the UK?

I want to pursue my undergraduate degree in Germany …Is there any scholarships available ?