SBI Education Loans to Study Abroad in 2024

About the Event :

SBI offers the best study abroad loan rates– but securing one is a challenge!

Over 90% of aspirants who are looking for a study abroad loan, have SBI as their top choice. However, the approval rate is low, and the process is complex. Join our webinar for insider tips to boost your loan approval rate with SBI.

What You’ll Learn
:white_check_mark: SBI abroad loan tax benefits
:white_check_mark: Eligibility criteria
:white_check_mark: Optimal time to apply
:white_check_mark: Complete document checklist
:white_check_mark: Practical tips to avoid bank visits

A short presentation will be followed by a Q&A session, so bring all your questions for personalised answers!

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What about non-collateral loan. I have agriculteral land but I do not think that would be considered as a collateral

yes. It is not considered as a collateral.

Hello everyone

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i’m looking for non-collateral education loan Switzerland the country Switzerland in your buck list?

Which college are you targeting?

Can the loan principal amount be repaid while you’re still studying?

Yes, you can do that

i’m waiting for offer letter from AUS Switzerland. American institute of applied sciences in Switzerland is eligible for apply and to start loan process?

I have joined UCM, this summer

So the loan process can be started after we have an unconditional offer from the uk university or do we need CAS too?

I have been admitted to colleges and just waiting for them to change the conditional offer to unconditional one. so I can start applying to loans even now, right?

may i know maximum unsecured loan will be provided? and its maximum interest rate !!!

What will be the maximum amount that can be provided with the minimum interest rate from a lender?

will it be a floating interest or fixed interest? is there any negotiate

How much time did you take to complete process? after submission of documents!

Starting the education loan process with a conditional offer letter is possible for Uk and can be beneficial as it allows you to prepare for the financial aspect of your education early on. However, final approval and disbursement of the loan usually require an unconditional offer letter or CAS letter.

Yes, you can start the education loan application process now with your conditional offer letter.

By starting the application process now, you can streamline the financial aspect of your education and ensure you’re ready to go once you receive the unconditional offer letter

The maximum amount and interest rates for unsecured education loans can vary significantly depending on the lender, country, the borrower’s profile, and the course of study