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Get real-time information about Rutgers from seniors who have gone through the whole process.

This webinar session will be hosted by Tarun Kumar Singh, who is currently pursuing his Masters (MIS) in Information Technology & Analytics from the Rutgers University (Rutgers Business School). He will volunteer an hour of his time to answer your queries. Before Rutgers, Tarun completed his BTech in Computer Science from Invertis University, Bareilly. Post undergraduate studies, he worked with COMPHIA TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED as Associate Project Manager and Wipro Limited as Business Analyst. Currently, he is contributing as a Graduate Assistant at Rutgers Business School.

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  2. Answers via video: On Saturday, August 31st, at 6 PM, Tarun will answer your Qs via a webinar, which you can join here.
  3. Answers transcribed for future reference: We will transcribe Tarun’s answers and post them in response to your questions on this page.

Hey, Tarun…How are you?
Which one is better according to you Rutgers MITA or Stevens MIS?
Thanks in advance.

Is it necessary to have an undergrad background in IT to be eligible for MIS in IT and business Analytics?

Does the number of attempts of GRE matter while you’re trying to take admission for MIS Rutgers? This is for my friend…

Hey there.
How important is work-ex for getting into Rutgers MITA?

Rutgers MIS course is conducted by the Rutgers Business School…How do you think it is better than the MIS programs offered by the non-business/management departmnts of other varsities?

My GRE score is 167 in quant and 136 in verbal. Left with toefl now. I got 68% in Btech in computer science. I want to study MIS…can i get admission in a good US college?

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Hi. I saw in your profile that you are working a graduate research assistant. Can you please tell me how to apply for this TAs RAs and what is the eligibility criteria?

What are the job opportunities after pursuing MIS in Information technology and business analytics? What are the highest paying job profiles?

Are there any major differences between one year and two year MIS? Which one is better out of the two?

Can you please suggest some tips on how can I increase my chances of getting a good internship? especially in Rutgers…

Thanks Tarun…I have an additional question…
What is the difference between MIS (management information systems) and ITM (information technology management)?

Is there any impact of Trump’s rhetoric on placements …for Indian students? I mean do employers hesitate in hiring?

And i wanted some information about PPO… are PPOs common for interns? I mean can Indian students get it easily? PPOs are good I think for work permit …some suggested it to me

I mean Pre placement offer

Sorry… I joined the webinar late
On a scale of 1 to 10, how will you rate the faculty and research infrastructure of Rutgers University?

So if you ask me, whether answering this in one word, I will ask you a cross-question, what is your criteria for any university? Because Edgers MITA and Stevens MIS are 2 totally different courses but they have the same location but different face cut. SO when you are deciding the university you will need to have a set of criteria on which you can rely. It’s all about knowing that particular university, so if you ask me I would definitely recommend someone you could stay with you but that would not be the case with you because Stevens is a bit costly but they might offer some courses which you like. I will recommend that instead of asking someone for the recommendation, ask for the criteria and try to make your own criteria.


Hi Maheswari, first of all, no, not at all, we don’t need, there is actually no prerequisite to get into an MiS program. MIS is all about IT and business and the beauty of this course is that they teach you everything from scratch. They have some prerequisite courses that need to be done as it is specific to the courses. You can do them if you have not done them. So that’s it, MIS is quite an open course and anyone can do it.

I shall generalize the answer so that it can help a lot of people. So when you are going to take admission into any course, it doesn’t matter, if we are going to MS, MIS or MBA. It doesn’t matter how many attempts of any exam it doesn’t matter. The universities don’t get to know how many times you have actually given the exams. It’s like when you have set a score, the university gets to know the score and not the past records.