Rushikesh Nikam - Existing Student- 2024 Review of University at Buffalo SUNY: Insights and Experiences

UNIVERSITY REVIEW : Rushikesh Nikam : University at Buffalo SUNY : MS in Computer Science

Introduction and Decision Factors:

● Please introduce yourself with your course and graduation year. What influenced your decision to choose this university?

→ Myself Rushikesh Nikam and I’m enrolled in Master of science in Computer Science at University at Buffalo. I have completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from MIT College of Engineering. I received 3 admits and I chose University at Buffalo because of there job oriented course instead of a research oriented.

Academic Environment and Faculty Interaction:

● How would you describe the academic workload and the faculty’s approachability for guidance?
→ From the academic point of view it will be draining initially because of the 4 courses we have in 1 semester, but eventually you will get used to it. The faculties are very friendly and easy to interact with. You can get any doubts solved or connect with them for any research based positions. They have designated office hours and also TA’s to assist you for completion of assignments and homework.

Campus and City Life:

● Can you share insights about campus life, extracurricular activities, and the overall student vibe in the city/town?
→ We have a lot of activities going on in the campus. You can enroll in various clubs and enjoy the meetings and discussion with them. The campus is divided into 3 parts north, south & downtown. All the engineering branches are located in North whereas medical in South & Downtown. We also do have Alumni Arena in both north & south where we can go for gym & other sports training. Since UB has a lot of branches and also many students enrolled, the student vibe is really good here. The weather can get worst in December & January sometimes but you’ll get used to it pretty soon.

Accommodation Insights:

● What accommodation options are available for students, and do you have any tips for choosing the best place to live?
→ We have on-campus housing located in the North campus and rest we have options in the south. Get in touch with seniors here and ask them for contact details of landlords. You can easily get a private room here in South campus @450. Mostly choose a place which is near to the bus stops, so the commute will be less.

Program Strengths and Unique Opportunities:

● What are the main strengths of your program, and are there any unique opportunities it provided you with?
→ The main strength of MS in CS at UB is that it prepares you well for any upcoming challenges. You can try out many new fields here through clubs and activities. We have a UB Blackstone Launchpad where you can show your entrepreneur skills and get funds for your idea.

Balancing Theory and Practice:

● How does the curriculum balance theoretical knowledge with practical experiences?
→ The curriculum balances theoretical knowledge through homework and exams whereas for practical experience we have multiple assignments.

Career Preparation:

● Could you discuss the internship and job opportunities facilitated by the university during or after your course?
→ The University offers multiple seminars to teach skills to design your resume and also sometimes have a campus recruitment drives arranged. We also do have a team of people who can guide you with your academics.

Alumni Network and Support:

● How active is the alumni network, and in what ways has it been supportive to you or other students?
→ The Alumni network of UB is very big in terms of count. But I didn’t find it that active to be helpful to students finding jobs or internship opportunities.

Key Challenges and Overcoming Them:

● What challenges did you face during your time at the university, and how did you overcome them?
→ Managing your academics and part-time job was a challenge for me during the first semester. But eventually I got used to it and managed to properly segregate time for both the things. Time management during this phase becomes very important and you need to learn it.

Final Advice:

● Based on your experience, what final piece of advice would you offer to incoming students to make the most out of their university experience?
→ You have chosen a great university, just make sure to use the resources provided to the fullest. Also part-time job is not that important, live a low life if needed but focus on academics and securing internship and ups killing everyday.