Regarding visa issues

Hi Everyone,

This is regarding the visa application. I and my sibling are applying to MS in fall 2022. And we have one sponsor for both i.e., our father. Will this cause visa refusal?. Kindly need help with this.

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Hi @chandrima.modakdolan

This will not cause visa refusal. If you can showcase the financial documents - should be complete, it will not cause a problem. This includes proving that the source of funds is legit. If the funds are sourced “questionably” by the sponsor, the consular will figure it out. Just make sure the funds and financial documents are adequate, and there is no suspicious activity.

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Hi mam,
Thanks for responding to the query. One last question. My father is a retired person and my mother is a homemaker will it wiring the funds to my mother’s account for proof of funds documentation will affect the visa approval.

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I will confirm this with a visa counselor and update you.
Thank you for your patience.

Hi @chandrima.modakdolan

Our counselor will get in touch with you regarding this query. Can you please mention your contact details (phone number, email ID) along with your name on this thread.

Waiting for your reply.

Yes sure
Name: Chandrima Modak
Email ID:
Contact: +919973271480

Hi @chandrima.modakdolan

The counselor has confirmed that this won’t cause any issues during the visa approval. In any case, your details have been forwarded to the counselor. If there is any other issue, the counselor can get in touch with you.

Hope this helps.
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