Regarding processing fees charges

  I have put my education loan in sbi against my property. After completing valuation and legal fees of advocate(paid by me separately)

I came to know that I will receive the amount which is not sufficient so I ask the bank to not proceed furthermore for deviation and mortgage and return my files.

Here the question is , How can they deduct my cheque (11,800) without informing me also can they charge processing fees of full amount without deviation and

Thanking you

Hi @Mustaq_Mohammed_Male

This is the standard charge that banks levy on education loan applications.

The processing fee in SBI is Rs. 10,000 + GST. So, the amount they have deducted is the processing fee, which is non-refundable.

I hope this answer clarifies your doubt. All the best!

@vishakha.bhagia is 8 month programs are not eligible in SBI loan.

then why the staffs are asking to start process without checking the eligiblity . i wasted my time for preparing the documents for legal & valuatiion of my home.

Hi @Kirubanithi_R

SBI offers education loans for full-time courses.
If this is a part-time course, the bank can reject your application.

Can you please confirm the course details?

I assure that my course is full time course . It’s not part time.

Can you do me the favour tomorrow going to visit my branch can you send me any proof for getting loan for My course so that i can speak with my branch manager with the evidence that you gave me.

It’s my humble request to do the needful.

Tha ks in advance.


There is no such proof that you can submit in the branch. The bank has not mentioned the eligible length of the target course anywhere that can be submitted as proof.
However, you can check your loan eligibility on our portal - GyanDhan > Loans > Check loan eligibility.
If you are unable to secure a loan by yourself, we can help you get an education loan easily. We do not charge for our services.

Hope this helps!

Ok noted,

How will u help for me?

I prefer only on SBI not anyother banks

If you can please let me know 8610782573

This is my contact number you can contact me anytime. For me time is not sufficient to lodge my visa so please do the needful ASAP.


I do not personally help students in getting an education loan.

However, the organization - GyanDhan - can help you. GyanDhan has tied up with SBI.

Check your eligibility on our portal.

We, as in GyanDhan, can help you get an education loan in 15 working days. Once you check your eligibility, our Education Loan Counselor will get in touch with you within 6 working hours.

However, I would suggest you to go for an unsecured loan or any other bank as SBI will not approve education loan for a course that is less than a year. The offer letter from the university should mention that the course duration is 1 year or above.

Hope this helps.

Actually its clearly mentioned that 1 year academic year ( 8 months program) we all done our UG if we have semester it has come with semester break. no institute will conduct continious classes for 8 months. then what can i show them?


If it is clearly mentioned on your university offer letter that the course duration is 1 year, then the bank will not reject the application.

The course duration mentioned in the offer letter is including the semester break.

All you have to show the bank is your offer letter that CLEARLY states that the COURSE DURATION is 1 YEAR.

If you are still facing an issue, get in touch with GyanDhan by checking your loan eligibility on our website.