Recently admitted to neu and I have a few questions

Hello everyone! I’m recently admitted to neu and I have a few questions. After doing some search I’ve never been too clear on the graduation requirements and the courses I would need to take for each semester. I had some counselors give me a rough idea on what it might be through neu website but it’s still not clear for me. Can someone give me a rundown on the credits I need to take especially for khoury college of cs?

I’m also planning on getting a singles dorm and I’m wondering if the bathrooms are shared and what will the rooms look like. I also want travel tips and general advice if anyone has got some!

Lastly, if any rising freshman that would like to be friends lmk! (Boston campus)

first of all, congrats!

course requirements for a BS in computer science can be found here (assuming that’s your major? if not, clicking the menu on the left (web) or the top of the page (mobile) should help redirect you to your major requirements.

from there, you can click the course number to get a sense of what each course is for (should help with understanding of what your credits exactly are for) OR click “More” —> “Plan of Study” to get a sense of what your rough schedule would look like throughout your years at neu. there’s a lot of flexibility in the plan (and you’ll realize that you HAVE to switch things around here and there), but it gives a good baseline for what to expect.

if you’re not understanding it from there, that is also literally ok! your first semester schedule will be made for you + you’ll have an opportunity to plan out your semesters with your academic advisor/intro course during your first sem too. once you get into the swing of classes + course registration, things will eventually just click.

as for a single bedroom: unless you have accommodations, i would not anticipate getting a single. know your roommates well + ensure that communication is open between y’all/boundaries are established. it’ll be fun, i promise!

bathrooms are usually shared in some way, shape, or form: unless you’re in international or east village, they’re communal dorm bathrooms. you’d need to do research to find out what your dorm exactly looks like, but you can probably search up neu housing on google and find photos/videos.