Recently admitted on SUNY buffalo for MS in CS, need suggestions

Guyss i recently got admitted on SUNY buffalo for MS in CS…Is teh subjects hard?? On off days, where can i hang out? I’d love to know places where i can meet new friends, yk clubs i’d love to make new friends as well

Hi @pretty_prii ,
I get that you have queries about the course and the university. We have a student with us from University of Buffalo here enrolled in the same course and can help you out with your queries.

The subjects are not that hard but here at UB since you have to enroll in 4 courses per semester it becomes a bit difficult to manage it. But once you get used to it after first semester it will be easy. To answer your second question, we do have a lot of clubs and you can get involved in those also make sure to attend the parties arranged by your classmates before the start of your semester and there you can get to know many people. The Niagara Falls is the closest location here to hang out, its just about 20 mins drive from University. Also the campus library has group study sections where people mostly spend there time with friends.