Queries before I take admission

I got accepted to join the music therapy program at CSU, i was wondering 1. is it a good music program like i’ve been told? 2. is the city of cleveland popping with music? 3. in general is it an enjoyable city/school to be in?
Hi there, can't really speak to the music school so I can't help you there but..

I got my undergraduate degree at csu and am back for my masters. Since the time I graduated with my undergraduate, the campus itself and Cleveland has beefed up the surrounding areas by campus and have built new bars, restaurants and things to do. Csu is pretty close to a few concern venues like the agora and house of blues so there’s always shows you can take in and enjoy too. Hope this helps!

CSU MM piano grad here. I've really enjoyed all my teachers. Definitely the biggest pro, and most important part in my opinion. Community might be a little tougher, though if you're in ensembles might be fine. I haven't met many students outside the music school at all, though covid has made that tougher. I played in a rock/folk band around town, there's definitely a thriving music scene though possibly not as much as Columbus. There are events and masterclasses on CIM campus that you can attend, as well as BW and Oberlin to take advantage of. It, like anywhere will be what you make of it.