Queries as an international student

Hello, So, I applied to the University of Texas at Arlington about 10 days ago as an international student. I sent them an email about sending my transcripts, but sadly, no response yet. :confused:

Anyone who’ve been through this recently, can you drop some knowledge on how to get those transcripts over to UTA? I applied through Apply Texas, and it’s a bit tricky because there’s no fancy online document uploader. How did you handle it? Also, I’m a bit lost on which transcripts they want. Should I throw in all four years (9-12 grades), or just stick to 10th and 12th-grade transcripts? Help a fellow student out! :pray:

Hello Gaurav,

UTA do not accept any transcripts sent over email. it has to be over mail or through true copy( only Graduate program). Reach out to international@uta.edu and they will guide you on how to upload. If they do not respond give them call.
this should help you out
for transcripts 10-12 grades should be fine

Hey, thanks for the suggestions, but I already tried that and honestly these guys are behaving like SBI employees ( bhaiya aaj to nahi ho payega) . I reached out to them on the email itself and still haven’t recieved a reply.

Can you suggest something else, or ask your friends. That would be a great help.