Profile Evaluation: Mech to CS

Hello Folks, I am planning to aim for ms in CS and allied branches like software engg/IT

This is my profile:
CGPA 8.3 in mech engg from a tier 2 college
322 in GRE (159V, 162Q, 4 AWA)
114 in TOEFL
1 programming intensive project
21 months of relevant work experience as a DevOps engineer

My preferences are as follows, in no particular order

ASU: Ms in Software Engineering, Ms in IT
Florida State University: Ms in CS
University of Central Florida: Ms in CS
New Jersey Institute of Technology: Ms in CS
University of Maryland at Baltimore County: Ms in CS, Ms in Software Engg
Northeastern university: Ms in Software Engg Systems

Do I stand a fair chance at any of these or my ug background will hamper the chances massively ? should I rather try my luck in courses like MIS ?