Profile Evaluation and Loan Evaluation : UBC, UofT, UW

My profile:

CGPA: BCA(9.82), PGDCA(Pursuing)
GRE: 312 (Q 163,V 149, AWA 3.5)
Research Paper: 1 one published in Springer
Internship: 1 month till now will be adding up to 1 year
Projects : 3

NO COLLATERAL, Full loan amount up to 25-30 lakhs, Co-applicant’s salary 40k per month with no EMI on head

Please let me know about my chance for admission to UofT, UBC, UW in Canada MS in CS and chances for loans as well.

Hi @Mohanish_Patel,

For loan eligibility, I’d request you to check it on GyanDhan’s website. GyanDhan > Loans > Check eligibility. It will give you an instant quote.

Hi @Mohanish_Patel,

Your chances of admission to all the universities you mentioned are good (70% to 80%) since your academic profile is good. Though, the University of Toronto would an ambitious college with your profile. Before you apply to the universities, go through the type of Master’s program the university offers, the two being - Course-based and research-based. If you want to go for a research-based program, you will have to contact a supervisor.
Your undergraduate college will also play a part in your admission.
To increase your chances of admission, you will have to work on your SOP, LOR, and the time of application.
Depending on the year and the session (Fall/Spring) you want to attend, the time of application should be early. For example, for Sep 2021, you should submit your application before December 15th for the first round of application. You should initiate the application as early as possible.
If you wish further assistance in applications, you can avail of the Admission Counseling. We will connect you with the best of counselors, vetted by GyanDhan.

Hope this helps you!