Profie Evaluation Masters Computer Science USA 2021 :58.23%
GRE :305(Q 168 V 137 AWA 2.5)
PTE :59
5 years IT experience
Please let me know few good universities to apply

Hi @anaom232,

I checked your admission chances for a US university - Binghamton University and this is the result I got -

As you can see, the GyanDhan Admit Predictor tool has suggested retaking the GRE to improve your Verbal score. Even your AWA score is on the lower side.

The tool also suggested these universities along with your admission chances -

Read about these universities in detail here - Top Universities in USA | GyanDhan
The tool does not take into account the work experience and that is a major plus point you have. Though, I would suggest retaking the GRE to compensate for your low undergrad percentage. SOP is another opportunity that will help you expand on your skills, acquired skills, extracurricular activities, qualities, work experience, projects, etc. Refer to this link for help in writing the perfect SOP -
How to Write a Killer Statement of Purpose (SOP) ? | GyanDhan
All About SOP For MS in US | GyanDhan
And get it reviewed here - Statement of Purpose | Free SOP Evaluation Online | GyanDhan

You can also get admission counseling to get help from the experts. They will help optimize your profile increasing your chances of admission. They may or may not charge a nominal fee based on your profile. The first session is free of cost. Refer to this link -

I hope this answer helps you. if you have any further questions, do post them here. I’ll be happy to help!

Edit - You can use the GyanDhan Admit Predictor here to know about your admission chances to other US universities as well - Profile Evaluation for MS in US | Free Admit Predictor Tool | GyanDhan