Professor with a stringent attendance policy!😑

I have a professor with a stringent attendance policy, which I find a bit challenging to navigate. What perplexes me is that both a fellow student and I faced car issues on separate occasions, and the professor refuses to excuse our absences, citing that it doesn’t align with the university policy. However, isn’t car trouble considered an “extenuating circumstance”? On another note, the professor emailed me about disruptive behavior, pointing out my trips to the bathroom during class as an issue. I’m trying to understand how this could be seen as disruptive behavior.

Extenuating circumstances are generally intended for situations in which an individual is facing a significant medical issue that may require an extended absence beyond the allotted days. On the other hand, car issues, although frustrating, usually fall within the realm of common reasons for occasional student absences.

You can escalate to the department chair, if you want to argue your case…

Though I wouldn’t expect a dept chair to go against a faculty member on something like this.

Probably not, just reminding them of chain of command. :woman_shrugging:t3:

The department chair depending on who won’t do anything. I won’t give names away. But I had a processor who I was not in their class, who basically told me I wasn’t good enough for the degree plan I was going in and to straight up change majors. Department chair did nothing to back me on it.

If you bring proof (a dated picture or bill from someone working on your car) to the DOS, they might be able to appeal that for you.

Likely not for car issues. Their verified absence stuff is typically for doctors appointments, deaths in the family, etc.

So if you can do that, you are fine👍

Are you allowed any “free absences?” That’s what I do and while it means that nothing is excused (except for documented long-term and illness), missing 2 or 3 classes has no direct impact on your grade, aside from the material you miss.