Possible Freshman!

I’ve got an incredible chance to pick between Stanford, MIT, and Princeton for my undergrad, and I’m hoping someone could shed some light on the lesser-known pros and cons of Stanford. I’m talking about anything from minor details like “the bathrooms are always a mess” to major issues like “the professors are terrible.”

Just so you know, I’m planning to major in computer science.

Thanks a lot!

Wow, congrats on getting into those schools! That's an amazing accomplishment. I've heard a lot about Stanford's entrepreneurial culture. It's a big pro if you are into start-upss
Hey, congrats! One thing I've heard about Stanford is that the campus is absolutely beautiful and the weather is almost always great. But on the downside, some people dsay that the cost of living in the bay area can really be high
Thanks! The entrepreneurial culture sounds cool, and I'm definitely into startups. But the high cost of living is a bit worrying.
Yeah, the Bay Area is pricey. Another thing to consider is that Stanford has a really strong network in Silicon Valley, which can be a huge advantage for internships and jobs.
That's true. But I've also heard that the quarter system at Stanford can be pretty intense. You have to keep up with a fast pace, and it can be stressful.
Good to know about the quarter system. I like a challenge, but I also want to have a balanced life. How's the social scene there?
From what I've heard, the social scene is pretty vibrant. There are tons of clubs and activities, and the students are really passionate and driven. But some people say it can be a bit competitive.
Yeah, I've heard mixed things about the social scene. Some love it, others feel it's too intense. Also, the housing situation can be tricky. Freshman housing is guaranteed, but after that, it can get complicated.

housing complications don’t sound fun. What about the professors and classes? Are they good?

Stanford's CS department is top-notch. The professors are leaders in their fields, and the classes are challenging and cutting-edge. But I've also heard that some professors can be a bit inaccessible because they're so busy.
It sounds like there are definitely pros and cons. The strong network and cutting-edge classes are huge pluses for me. The high cost of living and competitive atmosphere are a bit concerning, though.
Every school has its ups and downs. It's important to think about what environment you'll thrive in the most. Have you visited the campuses yet?
That's a good point. Also, while the resources and facilities are amazing, sometimes the bureaucracy can be frustrating. Getting things done can take time.
Yeah, visiting might help you get a feel for the place. Sometimes the vibe you get from being there in person can make the decision clearer.
I haven't visited yet, but I think I'll try to. Thanks so much for all the insights. This really helps me weigh my options!
No problem, good luck with your decision. I'm sure you'll do great wherever you go.
Absolutely, best of luck! Keep us updated on what you decide!