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Geographic : city, country, etc. Psychographics : Lifestyle, personality, interests, etc. . Define the social networks that the digital political communication campaign will include Knowing the audience and objectives of participation in social networks, you must define the social networks in which you will participate. The most important social networks for the participation of public officials or politicians are: : this channel is ideal for reporting what is happening in the campaign or public management in real time. It is also an excellent means of disinating information about what is published on other channels such as the website, , etc. : this social network allows for more emotional and close management. Photos and videos are generally very effective on this channel. : after , it is the second social network in the world that has the most active users in a month. Some studies have proven that it is more emotional than . : in some countries such as Colombia has become the second social network in active users due to its rapid growth. YouTube : serves as a repository of videos that generate . political communication campaigns or strategies. This information must go viral with other social networks such as , , etc. Other social networks : LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social networks can also be used by politicians and public figures. . Create content that generates value for the politician’s supporters and followers Valueadded content must be created for the target audience; to achieve this, it is necessary to know your audience very well. To achieve professional management of content on social networks, I recommend hiring a Community Manager who has experience in social networks of politicians or public figures. It is important to note that the video content of the politician or public official is very effective in generating trust and closeness. . Generate interaction with the encouraged to participate and communicate with the company or public entity. It is very important to ask for feedback on proposals and programmatic plans. All questions and comments made by people on all social networks must be answered. A crowdsourcing strategy can also be used to build the campaign’s programmatic plan in a