Policies for international students will not top Biden's priority list. What's your take?

On the 20th January 2021, the world will witness the US President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony. The day will mark the swearing of 46th president and the ceremony will as opulent as it can be- with Tom Hanks hosting the inauguration TV show, more than 20,000 National Guard members present in the nation’s capital to help secure the President-elect, and what not!

With him coming to the office, loads of hopes will rise in the hearts of pandemic-hit civilization that became crestfallen due to the factors such as the depreciating world economy, increasing fundamentalism, worldwide diplomatic tussles, etc.

Donald Trump’s populist and non-inclusive policies, especially the H1B Visa Ban, has demoralized many study abroad aspirants who want to study in America and make it big in their careers.

For Indians looking to work and study in the US, the foremost question with this new government is how their fortunes would be changed? Would Biden serve their interest better?

Biden’s pre-election interviews and speeches definitely give international students hope of a brighter tomorrow, but with several other issues in hand, international students might not be at the top of the list of priorities of Biden. He would definitely take an action in the support of international students in the future, as his past statements suggest, but an overnight change would be too optimistic to expect from him.

Biden is famous for being a left-liberal and will be tempted to upend all of Trump’s policies. It would be rational to assume that his immediate preoccupation would be the coronavirus pandemic and when he will get it under control, he might go on and turn his attention to other substantive policy areas.

At present, things are not in the cards to look up in the near future for current and potential international students.

At the same time, it is imperative to know that there is bipartisan support for the India-US relationship, which has achieved a more robust and substantive trajectory that systematically embraces multiple verticals.

It suggests that we could see softening from the US administration in order to accommodate Indian concerns. But all this will take a certain time, perhaps a couple of years.

That’s our take and understanding of the current situation and you have all the rights to think otherwise.

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Will Biden Presidency bring positive changes for international students anytime soon?
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Whatever you think about and hope from the Biden presidency, post your thoughts in this thread.

Also, shoot any questions you have regarding the new government and its probable policies in relation to the international students.

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Considering the huge Indian population in the US, I think Biden will take prompt actions to appease the community. Also, democrats are strong in the regions in which Indians are in large numbers. Therefore, Biden would do anything to maintain his stronghold in those areas. Not before Covid-19, but I think international students would be in his priority list

I disagree with you. Even though people are saying that he will return to Obama-era-type policies, but he has not mentioned his plans for international students or expressed that they are his priority. Agreed, he talked about increasing the number of high-skilled visas. His policies will definitely make student visa approval easy but I don’t see that happening any time soon.

See, presidency is of 4 years. International students might not be a priority in the first year but he will eventually come to it. Saying that his policies will take years sounds very bleak tbh. I’d like to believe that if not in first year, he will make changes in the subsequent years.